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Adapt-Able Scuba Experiences

*No SCUBA Experience Required*

We regularly host events for people with disabilities to “Try SCUBA Diving”. This “Introduction to Scuba” allows participants, 10 years of age and older, to experience weightlessness in a controlled environment with a team of highly trained, adaptive dive buddies.

These Adapt-Able Scuba Experiences are also opportunities for people with disabilities who were Scuba Divers prior to their accident/injury/or disease progression, to rediscover their passion for Scuba.

Adaptive Diver Certification

“We train SCUBA Divers!”

Many of our Adapt-Able Scuba Experience participants fall in love with weightlessness, and the freedom and independence they have discovered.  The natural progression is for them to want to get certified. Depending on the disability, they may or may not be able to attain a standard Scuba certification. Not a problem!!  We will connect you with one of our Adaptive-certified instructors to begin your Scuba Diver training. If necessary, we will help build an Adaptive Buddy team around you.

Adaptive Buddy Certification

“Training those who want to help”

One of the most demanding, yet rewarding of all Scuba training, is Adaptive Buddy Training.  Depending on your personal level of Scuba certification, we train and certify ALL levels of adaptive buddy from Open Water Diver thru Instructor. We promise, we will push your skills and make you a better Scuba diver!


Adaptive Scuba Travel

“Scuba trained, now what?”

Take a Trip!! About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water!! Where do you want to go?? Cozumel, Mexico? Florida Keys? Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands? The Bahamas? California? Hawaii? Honduras? Malaysia?  We either personally travel there, or have specially trained friends to help make your Scuba travel, the trip of a life time!! Plus we are ALWAYS looking for new adventures!!


Volunteer with us

“Share with us by doing”

We are always in need for people to work with us! Put your skills to work, events from our POINT VOLUNTEER SYSTEM below.


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