Lockup Fundraiser


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Magistrate – Capt. Pete

Lock ‘Em Up – Bail ‘Em Out!

Starting July 2023, the fugitives shown below will be apprehended and incarcerated for being “supporters of an addictive lifestyle; pushing people’s limits; and encouraging self-confidence and independence!” They will remain locked up until such time as they can raise their required bail!

Get folks outta the slammer and support an amazing cause.

HOW IT WORKS: Find your favorite fugitive; click on their donate button to help raise their bail. Need to make your donation in person? Join us in July at our fundraiser event to bail out your buddy and enjoy time with us.
*Date, Time & Location will be announced shortly!*

Remember every dollar helps Adapt-Able Foundation provide any adult, child, or veteran with a disability (visible or invisible) with a life-changing opportunity! Your donation will help support our adaptive diving program to include free Try Scuba Experiences, as well as, training and travel scholarships!


Bail out these bandits

Abby Compton

Carl Cogdill

Craig Alexander

Dale Davis

Diving Rebels

John Richerson – President

Dave Hammonds

Dave Wheeler

David Gross

Stephen Collins

Jimmie Garza

Donny Oliver

Jarrett Armstrong

Jason & Yago Morgan

Keith Murphy

Kari-Ann Melendez

Joe Haws

Karen Martin

Lindsey Elwell

Lisa Selmer

Laura Jeanne & Jilly

Lara Olsen

Mateo Portela

Melanie Cure

Michael Randall

Michael Sholtz

Michelle Connally

Pam Dowers

Dr. Pamela Rast

Roger Catlin

Kendyl Fisher


Mona Valentine – President

Shane Steel

Skyler Fisher

Donna Fisher

Tom Drye

The Scuba Ranch - Michelle Chumley

The Scuba Ranch - Brad Chumley