Leadership Biographies 

Committee Member – Roger Catlin

Diving since 1994, Roger is a NAUI Master Diver, Diveheart Advanced Adaptive Buddy, and is currently training to become a NAUI Dive Master. After a 48 year career of military, commercial, and EMS piloting, Roger retired from flying in 2016.

Sharing his love of diving with adaptive divers has changed his life in ways he never had imagined. Witnessing the absolute joy, liberation, and feeling of accomplishment expressed by the men, women, and children he has helped introduce to diving has immeasurably enriched his life.

Committee Member- Danielle  Moore 

Danielle Moore is a member of our Events Committee. She brings a unique perspective with her diverse experience in volunteering and being a participant in an event. She is an above knee amputee that has found a passion for scuba diving through this organization. She has done event planning with a variety of organizations for 11 years some of those organizations include American Cancer Society and her HOA. She is also a part of the Dallas Amputee Network and an alumni with Adaptive Training Foundation. She’s a creative thinker and will help us create bigger and better events for all of you to enjoy. She wants everyone that has physical or mental disabilities to experience what it is like to breathe under water and feel like a mermaid or merman. This was a very freeing experience for her and she wants to help us get our information out there so we can do more events for all of you to enjoy.




Committee Member- Billie Compton and sweet Abigail 

Billie Compton has worked with special needs since starting at an Alzheimer’s facility while she was in high school. She continued Working as a caregiver for adults and children with different ranges of physical and mental challenges throughout her adult life. After having her daughter Abigail she made life changes so she could focus on motherhood of a child with special needs. Abigail was born blind with midline brain abnormalities. Billie was introduced to Adapt-Able by her long time friend Carl. After getting involved with Adapt-Able and attending her first Adapt-Able Scuba Event, she saw how amazing diving is for the kids and adults. Billie decided to continue as a volunteer. She is hoping to one day get Abigail involved.