Bringing adaptive & able-bodied communities together
to experience the magic of SCUBA

Why Not You?

Adapt-Able Foundation is a veteran operated non-profit dedicated to bringing together adaptive and able-bodied people so everybody can have their lives changed by experiencing SCUBA. Nothing is more important to us than creating opportunities for people with physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities to enjoy SCUBA diving. Whether you’re an able-bodied diver or instructor ready to give back, a parent or caregiver for a loved one that should try this, or a diver whose life has been changed by illness or injury, there is a place here just for you. Get in, let’s go blow some bubbles. 

Make a Difference

Hear from our co-founders, Kari-Ann and Dale, as they discuss the collective passion they have as a SCUBA family for the magic of diving and the freedom of the underwater world. They’re proud to have a diverse, compassionate team from all walks of life that care about sharing the life-changing experience of SCUBA with everyone.

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Upcoming Events

Adapt-Able Scuba Experience

TRY SCUBA on September 3rd from 9am-4pm
LISD Westside Aquatics Center
1750 Duncan Lane, Lewisville, TX

Registration Deadline AUG 3.
Please contact us using the following email:

Cayman Brac Adaptive Dive Trip

Enjoy world-class diving with the Adapt-Able community Sept 17th-24th, 2022.
Six Days & Seven Nights in beach-view rooms.
*Deposit Deadline May 19*

Key Largo Adaptive Dive Trip

Join us for incredible adaptive diving from July 24-31, 2022.
Six Days & Seven Nights in Key Largo!
*Payment in full due by June 24th*

“On October 30, 2021 Micah had so much fun. It was awesome to see the smile on his face when he came out of the water as he yelled “I love it! That was AWESOME!” Thank you for taking to time and using your expertise to make this experience possible.”

“Scuba diving helped me mentally, all thanks to Adapt-able!”

“This is an awesome organization and I love diving. I would have never tried this without them.”

“This was quite an amazing experience. I’ve always wanted to try but never found the right opportunity. I highly recommend anyone with a disability interested in scuba diving to use this wonderful organization.”